Our History

​​1999-  Ness' Establishment -Ness Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware in connection with the acquisition of six Israeli IT services companies and their consolidation into a single operating structure: Ness acquired Compro Software Industries, a privately-held Israeli software consulting company, Gilad Software and Systems Integration, a privately-held Israeli integration and networking company; Contahal, a publicly-traded Israeli IT services company; Advanced Technology, a publicly-traded Israeli IT services company specializing in defense solutions and real time systems; IPEX, a privately-held Israeli systems integration company; and IPEX ISI, a privately-held Israeli software development company

2001-Acquisition of Blueflame, U.S- Ness Technologies acquired Blueflame Inc., a privately held, U.S.based application development and system integration provider focused primarily on the life sciences industry

2002- Acquisition of APP Group, Czech Republic and Slovakia -Ness Technologies acquired APP Group CEE B.V., a privately-held IT services firm in the Czech Republic and Slovakia serving the utilities, telecommunication, finance, public and manufacturing sectors

2003-Acquisition of Apar Holding Corp, U.S and India- Ness acquired Apar Holding Corp., a privately-held U.S./Indian IT services provider of software services to the financial services, manufacturing, telecom, retail sales and logistics sectors, and of sophisticated offshore software engineering development services to software product companies

2004-Ness Goes Public and Listed for trading in the NASDAQ Global Select Market- Ness Technologies went public and listed for trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol “NSTC”

2005- Acquisition of Radix- Romania, Delta Electronic Services- Slovakia, Efcon- Czech Republic

2006- Acquisition of Innova Solutions- U.S and India, Selesta España- Spain and Portugal, Advanced Industrial Management- Tahiland, Selesta S.p.A.- Italy

2008-Acquisition of Logos a.s., Czech Republic -Ness Technologies acquired Logos a.s., a privately-held IT services and consulting company based in the Czech Republic serving the financial and telecom sectors

2009-Ness Approved for Dual Listing on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange - Ness Technologies was approved for dual listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (“TASE”) under the ticker symbol NSTC

2010-Acquisition of Gilon Business Insight, Israel- Ness Technologies acquired Gilon Business Insight Ltd., a privately-held Israeli provider of business intelligence consulting and implementation solutions and services

2011- Acquisition of Ness Technologies by CVCI- CVCI - an affiliate of Citi Venture Capital International, a global private equity investment fund acquired Ness Technologies. As a result of the acquisition, Ness common stock ceased trading on, and delisted from the NASDAQ Global Select Market and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

2012-Acquisition of Imano, UK.- Ness Technologies acquired Imano, a privately held full-service digital agency, specializing in mobile strategy, design and development; based in the UK

2013 -Acquisition of Zaponet, Israel -Ness Technologies acquired Zaponet, a privately held service integrator of big data and data science technologies; based in Israel

2014-  Hilan Tech, leading company in Israel in the field of development and implementation of advanced computerized systems for overall management of the enterprise human resource,  acquires Ness Israel

2014 - Ness was ranked in first place, as Israel’s leading outsourcing and managed services companies, by IDC and STKI.

2015 - NessPRO, NESS Israel’s products group was selected as a strategic partner of the global company - CA.  Based on the agreement, CA Israeli sales activity, support and projects will be transferred to NessPRO, and will be operated as an independent division known as CA Israel.

2015 - Ness signed an agreement for strategic cooperation with Comply, an Israeli company that specializes in the field of validation in Israel and around the world.  In this capacity, Comply will serve as the projects division in the field of IT validation at medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and distributors, medical devices, food manufacturers and its distribution at NESS.

2016 - Ness purchased control of Danel - Advanced Software Solutions. This activity served to significantly strengthen Ness’ solutions for its financial customers. 

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