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NessPRO - The Leading Software Solutions Provider for the Enterprise Market

NESSPRO is the leading and largest software solutions group in Israel. NESSPRO provides a wide range of advanced information technology solutions in all domains, to organizations in all sectors and of any size. This is achieved through partnering with dozens of international and local software product and solutions companies at the forefront of technology innovation.

In addition, NESSPRO offers the professional services of dedicated expert teams with unique knowledge and extensive experience in implementing and deploying these solutions. All – with the purpose of delivering to our customers solutions that drive innovative and value-based business successes. Identifying and delivering innovative technology solutions is our DNA!


Key Solution Domains:

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Enabling 'smart organizations' through platforms for managing organizational information and all types of content objects, originating from any system, in a secured and encrypted manner.

We specialize in helping our customers transform into smart and well-managed organizations, providing holistic solutions for managing and sharing information while adhering to strict information and data security policies.

Our main offering for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) includes OpenText and Dropbox, which we exclusively distribute in Israel.


DevOps, Cloud & Operations

As organizations move into the realm of Cloud, DevOps, and Operations, we leverage our deep familiarity with organizations' needs in these domains, to offer our customers the ultimate most advanced products and solutions developed by the leading global companies, among which are:

DevOps Solutions: Automation of processes for application development, testing, and deployment.
Cloud Solutions: Data storage, data processing, networks, information security.
Operations Solutions: IT infrastructure management, system management, service centers management.
We offer our customers a comprehensive services bundle, aiming to deliver an A-to-Z solution in support of customer's needs and objectives for optimal implementation of these inclusive solutions. Our service offerings include consulting, customized solutions, technical support, implementation and training, expert services, and more.


Cyber & Security

NESSPRO is the largest and most prominent cyber and information security solutions distributor in Israel. This is attributed to the large and diverse portfolio of leading cyber and information security solutions and technologies by global leaders at the forefront of technology, coupled with a range of end-to-end managed solutions and services delivered by dozens of security and cyber experts. All, with a goal to ensure optimal cyber protection of organizations of all sectors and sizes.

Our mission is to support decision-makers in every type of organization in planning, managing, and adopting a proactive approach, framework, and routines for information security and cyber protection, resulting in the ultimate cyber security defense solution that incorporates knowledge, expertise, and cutting-edge technologies.


Digital & Data

In an era in which organizations embark on digital customer journeys relying on a 'single organizational truth' to maximize their business and operational insights, NESSPRO precisely caters to this business need by offering cutting-edge solutions for the analysis of customer touchpoints across all the customers' channels and digital assets.

Our solutions enable the organization to manage its data flow from the data acquisition phase through storage and processing. This is all done from a single point, in which the data acquired from all systems and channels is smartly integrated to provide the users with real-time insights through graphical, simple, and clear data visualization, and offering practical recommendations for improvement and revenue growth.


Complementary SAP Solutions

NESSPRO's solutions for SAP-based organizations enable operating, optimizing, and proactively managing data infrastructure within the organization, addressing financial and operational challenges.

Utilizing advanced automation tools, our customers improve the performance of the organization's SAP systems, efficiently manage its licensing costs, streamline the related business processes, and significantly save on resources and costs.


Broadcom Software & Symantec Solutions

For many worldwide prominent organizations, Broadcom Software solutions serve as the core of their business infrastructure. The NESSPRO Group has been the exclusive distributor of Broadcom Software's solutions in Israel since 2015. Later on, following Symantec's acquisition by Broadcom Software, NesPRO extended its exclusivity agreement with Broadcom Software to also include Symantec's variety of enterprise/organizational information security products.

Broadcom Software provides solutions for an array of domains, including, among others:

  • Cybersecurity and Information Security
  • System Automation and Integration
  • Version Management and Operations
  • Computing Infrastructure
  • Development
  • Monitoring
  • Testing

    Broadcom's solutions assist organizations from a wide range of sectors and domains in effectively managing their business infrastructures. These infrastructures span from hybrid distributed systems to cloud-based and on-premise environments, both for mobile and mainframe. Broadcom's solutions are essential for helping these organizations adjust their business infrastructure to the modern era, where intricate communication is a prerequisite for business continuity.

NESSPRO's mission is to help our clients establish a robust infrastructure that transcends environments, allowing them to smoothly and continuously run the entire spectrum of organizational processes, and achieve their business objectives.

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