Sectors and core competencies

Manufacturing, Utilities & Energy

The manufacturing, utilities, and energy verticals are of high importance in developed economies as they employ a substantial share of the national workforce, and produce supplies that serve nationally critical industries, among which are infrastructure, and homeland security and defense. Despite their strategic importance, most of the world's manufacturing industries are subject to significant corporate costs due to labor laws, hazardous materials by-laws, as well as increasing demand for clean tech, advanced technologies, and enhanced infrastructure. While adapting to the ongoing global economic changes and a variety of technological challenges, manufacturing organizations strive to keep their production costs low and their marginal profit high. 

NESS offers solutions designated to mitigate the following business challenges:

  • Operational costs reduction
  • Developing a management platform to efficiently run the business
  • Implement next-generation business intelligence through smart dashboards and analytics tools
  • Client relations management and improved efficiency billing system
  • Reduction of data migration risk, errors reduction, and better use of time and human resources
  • Standardization of business process and work procedures documentation
  • Adopting advanced IP technologies
  • Energy production process enhancement
  • System scalability and reliability

NESS Services and Solutions include include, among others:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • Billing systems (with designated IP for roads and infrastructure)
  • Customer Relationship Management service (CRM, CIS)
  • Solutions for Energy Trading and Trading Risk Management (TRM)
  • Technical and maintenance solutions for technical data, risk management, human resources, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Support services, including Business Intelligence (BI), and custom development of packaged applications
  • Smart Factory Management (Production Lines, Inventory, Shipping and Handling etc.)
  • Quality assurance, systems calibration, and testing
  • Enterprise Information Systems testing (ERP, CRM, Billing, Data Warehouse, etc.)
  • Web applications and e-commerce website development
  • Integration of heterogenic information systems
  • Deployment of budget and planning systems 
  • UX/UI-based digital services
  • Development of software and hardware products
  • Validation and Verification
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