Sectors and core competencies

Homeland Security & Defense

Ness specializes in catering to the unique needs of Homeland Security and Defense Organizations. Ness' expertise in developing point solutions positions Ness as a one-stop shop for products, systems, and professional services for organizations in this sector. 

Over the last decade, the homeland security and defense market has experienced substantial growth. Homeland security and defense organizations are expected nowadays to manage and overcome challenges in homeland security, emergency, preparedness, law enforcement, and counter-terrorism. The new threats on homeland security reduced the demand for traditional weapons, such as tanks, but at the same time, increased the demand for advanced defense measures that rely on modern technologies, and intelligence tools, such as monitoring and control systems. As a result, more and more resources are allocated nowadays to developing new technologies, superior intelligence capabilities, and operational capabilities, all aiming to establish more robust security and defense infrastructures. Unlike the homeland industry which deals with a wide variety of challenges and requirements, the general defense industry focuses on three main product verticals: strategic, operative, and tactical. 

Ness provides advanced development capabilities and strong expertise in testing and quality assurance for operational systems. The systems for which Ness provides its services are deployed and used by army forces, security agencies, and vendors of defense and security solutions. 

Furthermore, Ness provides solutions and tools that adhere to the requirements for communication systems and IT management for both civil and secured facilities. Ness has a rich portfolio of tools and solutions that address the specific requirements of each client while leveraging Ness’ vast knowledge in the IT and Communication domains, its operational expertise, its track record for flawless execution, and its civil and military applications. 

Ness provides a variety of field-tested dynamic applications that can be customized to the client’s requirements in the following fields:

  • Facility Management
  • Recording and Debriefing Systems
  • Trainers and Simulators
  • Geographic Information Systems and Mapping Engines (GIS)

Ness owns additional expertise which upon request is provided to all defense and security organizations and entities in Israel, among which are:

  • World-reputable experts in domains such as human resources, logistics, and budget management, with specific knowledge and experience in this sector
  • UX/UI experts for the design of military and operational systems
  • RT engineers and developers
  • SAP experts for the Homeland Security and Defense Sector
  • Consultants and experts holding the highest confidentiality clearance
  • Testing and quality assurance of real-time operational systems
  • Development of advanced BI systems for Intelligence and Emergency Situations Management needs
  • Developing warfare Systems, distribution systems, and systems for managing and maintaining military and defense processes
  • Developing support systems for human resources management, training, etc.
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