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A lot has been commented on Israeli high-tech companies, their unique entrepreneurial spirit, and their culture of innovation. In that regard, it is important to understand that the success of any company relies not only on its innovative ideas and products but also on professionally addressing numerous challenges, among which are optimal integration of technologies, comprehensive quality assurance procedures, a user-friendly experience, and providing their clients with tangible added values. Over the years Ness has gained profound knowledge and vast experience in executing projects for its many clients in Israel and globally. Ness offers its fast-paced, high-tech clients a complete portfolio of technology-driven business solutions that will help them succeed in coping with market challenges.  challenges in the market.

System Development and Integration

Ness specializes in application development utilizing various development platforms. In recent years, STKI (the leading business technologies market research and strategic analyst firm in Israel) named Ness as the leading provider of such services. Ness offers complete and comprehensive solutions, commencing with consulting and business needs mapping, all the way to implementation and deployment of the favored solution, based on tailored architecture and best-fit technological infrastructure. This is done by utilizing highly skilled and experienced experts for each project phase, development platform, and content domain, collaborating with the project team throughout the entire project phases and lifecycle throughout solution implementation.

Development Centers of Excellence

Being a global company, Ness is proficient in locating excelling centers of excellence that are the best fit for its client's development needs. Ness’ development center of excellence offers an optimal high-quality solution while significantly reducing developing costs. This is achieved thanks to government grant plans aiming to encourage the hire of experienced professionals leveraged by Ness’ unique methodologies, tools, hiring and operational processes, and the unique infrastructure for operating development centers and management of technology teams. Join Ness' dozens of customers in and outside Israel who leverage Ness' dozens of development centers of excellence across the world.

UX/UI User Experience – Your Client is our Expertise

Nowadays, no doubt everyone realizes the importance of effective design, systems, and applications with user-friendly interfaces, and the criticality of positive client experience to technology adoption and increasing usability (thus driving revenue) using websites and online applications. 

We, at Ness, know how simple and intuitive the interface between the user and technology must be. The correct and smart interface determines the system adaptation success (application/ website/ internal system etc.) and shortens the business response time due to effective and prompt access to information. With over a decade of experience in designing and developing user interfaces and with a profound understanding of the capabilities and limitations of design in a variety of technologies, Ness’ UX/UI experts support, consult, and design Ness' clients in creating the optimal user experience for any platform and client segment. 

Testing and Automation

Through its V-Ness division, with over fifteen years of experience in testing and verification services in the global and local market, Ness offers unique testing models for high-tech companies, with expertise in the verticals of software, semiconductor, hardware, and medical devices companies. V-Ness has extensive experience in regression testing, automated tests, performance tests, validation, and verification for components and hardware companies. The tests are performed using customized models and setting expert teams with deep knowledge and know-how in the relevant domain. Another unique solution for the application and mobile domain is an innovative crowd-sourcing-based testing service.

Big Data & Analytics - Driving a Competitive Advantage for your Products!

in which the expansion of unstructured external data and the immense internal data multiply themselves in every given moment. Ness offers this knowledge either in an OEM model for its client to implement it in their products or in any other business model that can help the client or its clients in translating.

Product Support

Many product companies contemplate whether they optimally leverage their customer product support to achieve additional business goals. Ness offers organizations seeking answers related to their product customer support center a model that can help them get these questions answered. Combining the best-of-breed technological tools with a superior methodology for 24/7 management of call centers supporting over ten languages, this model has already been implemented by numerous product companies in Israel and abroad. All, with a goal to provide the end user with a prompt response and maximize the company’s revenue driven from their customer care center, call center, and product support center.

NESSPRO – Software Products Marketing and Distribution

As the leading software products distributor, Ness offers the most comprehensive and efficient solution for marketing and the distribution of software products through NESSPRO, a fully-owned subsidiary. NESSPRO is the exclusive representative in Israel for over thirty global software product companies. NESSPRO provides these companies with an experienced and professional go-to-market platform for the Israeli enterprise market. NESSPRO specializes in sales, integration, training, service, and support of software products and employs leading sales managers and other experts for each product line. Further, strategic partnerships with leading software solutions providers position NESSPRO not only as the leading software distributor in Israel but also as a gateway to global software companies.

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