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Healthcare, Medical Devices&Pharma

Healthcare, Medical Devices, and Pharma sector is one of the sectors, which have been revolutionized in the past few years. This sector includes hospitals, medical centers, healthcare providers, and companies in the domains of pharmaceutics, medical devices, chemistry, life science, life support, and the like. The revolution in this sector is attributed to both the digital transformation that fundamentally changes entire industries and to more stringent and extensive regulatory control. Healthcare is becoming increasingly personalized; The medical approach is more patient-centric. Patients turn to be more involved and play a major role in the treatment decision-making process; The digital revolution in this sector allows direct access to data to all parties involved, including the patient. The entire healthcare system, with all players, starting from its personnel and caregivers through its organizational building blocks, its work processes, and all the way to the available treatment paths, is changing following these transformations


In recent years, Ness has developed expertise in designated solutions for the healthcare, medical devices, and pharma industries, focusing on the development, integration, testing, and verification of designated digital and IoT systems in the medical devices and regulation enforcement domains. This, along with years of experience in providing services to end users, end-point equipment, as well as data centers and main infrastructure operation, are the core of Ness outsourcing activity in this sector.


Providing services to healthcare, medical, and pharma organizations for years requires profound knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of these organizations, responsiveness, and quick adaptation to the clients' frequently changing needs, sometimes within hours, especially in emergencies and during a crisis.

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