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The digital revolution, the customer experience perception, regulatory climate, advanced technologies and innovation have all accelerated the challenges with which entities in the financial sector are required to cope. Banks, credit companies, insurance companies, investments corporations, financial clearing bureaus, and other financial institutions invest significant efforts in utilizing technology to finding innovative ways to identify opportunities for strengthening their relations with their existing customers and increasing revenue generated by new customers.

The entire Financial Sector is on the race to be positioned as an innovation leader on the one hand while meeting the changing regulatory requirements on the other hand, both by the need to meet legal requirements and efficiency requirement resulting from the new market characteristics.

Ness specialized in the development, implementation, and management of systems for the financial sector including core financial systems, designated applications, multi-channel systems, mobile and web applications, end-to-end solutions for the capital market and advanced Big Data and Analytics solutions.

Amongst our clients are all the leading banks, insurance companies, credit cards companies, investment houses and leading corporations in the capital market.

‘Long-term savings’ is another field in which Ness’ dozens of years of experience in the financial sector enables it to bring added-value to its clients. Ness is doing so by utilizing its own proprietary IP advanced computerized solutions. The combination of this unique designated IP along with its experts’ team and professional leadership in the ‘long-term saving’ field offers Ness’ clients the optimal professional, business and technological solution.

Back in 2016 Ness acquired control in Danel software solutions for managing financial assets and stocks and securities portfolios, expanding Ness’ financial solutions offering. Starting in 1994, Danel provides an end-to-end solution for managing financial assets and stocks and securities portfolios through its advanced investment management and trading systems that are interfaced with the most commonly used back-office systems. Danel systems allow its clients to manage, operate, control and monitor the organization’s investment, using one single system. Danel’s clients manage through its systems exceeding one trillion NIS of assets and investments.

The partnership between Ness and Danel provides the financial sector clients significant added-value and positions Ness as the leading solutions provider for core financial systems with end-to-end solutions for the entire client's needs in the capital markets, banking, insurance and more.
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