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CCoE – Cloud Center of Excellence

What is CCoE?

One of the most important steps on the way to excellence in the cloud world is the establishment of a professional cloud body – a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE).

It is a body that includes a diverse team of experts whose goal is to implement the policy, the leading practices, and the architecture needed to adopt cloud technology in the proper, professional, and most effective way for organizations interested in moving to the cloud.

This task requires high and precise execution capabilities, along with creativity and strategic professional thinking, to create and update cloud-based processes. At the same time, existing processes must be improved, while avoiding limiting factors in those traditional processes that exist in the organization.

The Center of Cloud Excellence (CCoE) is an "enterprise governance" system that is often the key to driving the cloud transformation in the organization.

The purpose of this body is to define the responsibility and many implications around the move to the cloud, including defining a cloud policy, guiding supplier selection, assisting with solutions architecture and workload placement, risk management and more, in order to streamline and improve the enterprise processes (business and organizational).

Ness CCoE

The main goals we at Ness see at the CCoE are to oversee cloud computing methods among customers that it adopts to the cloud, and continually to improve cloud skills at Ness, both professionally and on the working methods and methodologies.

Like many policy bodies, this professional body requires cooperation among the following specializations:

  • Cloud adoption (solution architect)
  • Cloud strategy (program and project managers)
  • Cloud governance
  • Cloud platform
  • Cloud automation

Effective cooperation between these and other teams is a must. The CCoE at Ness serves as a "bridge" connecting all the units, ensuring the success of the transformation into the cloud for the company's managed customers.

CCoE roles at Ness

  • Transferring information and internal knowledge to all the professional units within NESS, in order to improve and professionalize all enterprise units regarding the worlds of the cloud.
  • Transferring information and knowledge to NESS customers through training, round tables, workshops, meetups, webinars and more.
  • Agility – Ness' CCoE helps the company's managed customers build a modern IT system using agile approaches to capture and implement business requirements.
  • Determining methodologies and Best Practices, security policy, compliance and service management for the company's customers.
  • Ensure that Azure maintains a functional platform in accordance with operational procedures.
  • Review and approve the use of cloud-based tools.
  • Creation of standards – including automatic correction of components and platform solutions needed to perform the activity.
  • Determining an internal policy – the CCoE’s purpose is to determine how the organization will use the cloud, as well as the guidelines dictating the use of the cloud in the organization, led by cloud architects.
  • Choosing a configuration of the cloud solution in consultation with the other relevant enterprise units.
  • Providing professional advice regarding the cloud or regarding assistance with cloud challenges.
  • Cloud supervision – the CCoE team oversees the use of cloud resources in organizations it serves. This supervision ensures that the use of the cloud is consistent with the organization’s goals.

The CCoE’s work process at Ness

The CCoE process is based on a cyclical process, without a definition of completion, in order to produce a process of continuous improvement while constantly examining and learning.

The CCoE process defined at Ness is based on a cyclical process, without a definition of completion
(process of improvement).

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