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All about RPA

Robotic Process

What is RPA?

  • RPA is a technology that let us easily deploy software robots that replace humans working with software application
  • Like Humans the robots work with the application UI and understand screens, extracts data, enter data and complete forms while navigating multiple applications
  • It can also integrate with the organization's software using standard integration protocols and databases access
  • RPA is the fastest-growing market in the field of enterprise IT

Why use RPA?

  • A robot works 24/7, it never gets tired, it does not make mistakes
  • A robot works a lot faster than a human - up to 5 times faster
  • It takes the monotonous, repetitive work from humans and frees them to do more significant work
  • It can make decisions that do not require humans, consistently and accurately

What is the profit using RPA?

  • RPA significantly reduces operational costs
  • RPA improves operational efficiency and reduces operational risks
  • RPA improves employee productivity and satisfaction
  • RPA greatly improves customer service speed and quality
  • RPA is easy to implement and provide fast ROI

RPA is suitable for any human labour-intensive operational unit including Sales and service centres, Finance, Procurement, Logistics, Human resources and hiring, IT operations and more.

To succeed in RPA we recommend making a quick win by automating one process which causes real pain to the organization and is not too complicated.

Our experts will be happy to help you understand the best fitting processes for robotic automation in your enterprise.

Why us?

  • 1

    We Specializing
    in the world of OCR

    (Optical Character Recognition)

  • 2

    We Specializing in interfacing with any existing enterprise system –

    including MS Dynamics
    CRM, SAP, IBM i (AS/400)
    and many more

  • 3

    We are a leading integrator for the analysis, implementation and integration of RPA processes

  • 4

    Representatives of

    in Israel

  • 5

    We have the
    knowledge and experience to integrate with any application using any interface

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