Sectors and core competencies

Governmental & Public

Governmental and municipal agencies and public organizations are all required nowadays to provide residents with a wide array of services while upgrading their existing technology infrastructure and legacy systems and concurrently adjusting to the everchanging high technological and innovation standards and the digital world.

Systems’ deployment and technology upgrades in the public sectors require substantial resources and thorough planning while complying with regulatory requirements and quality standards. Ness offers these governmental and public entities a wide variety of services that are all designated to benefit from advanced technological solutions to improve the efficiency of the offered services.

Ness holds vast experience in managing complex, risk-prone and heavily regulated public sector projects combining diverse advanced technologies and infrastructure. Likewise, Ness has vast experience in providing large-scale outsourced IT services supporting thousands of geographically distributed end-users for public organizations, governmental and municipal agencies. Ness has developed a track record of successfully working with the public sector, in terms of operations as well as business engagement.

For these reasons, more and more public and governmental entities trust Ness to work with them in improving their customers’ experience and the services they provide to residents.

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