Testing & QA (V-Ness)

Ness performs comprehensive tests, and it provides quality assurance (QA) services that enable organizations to enhance the quality of their products and software and reduce the costs and time investment involved in performing the tests.

Our service combines high quality technological support and proven quality assurance methods. Our systems are based on our areas of expertise, and they use tools to perform automatic tests, laboratory tests, load tests and performance tests.

Ness's Testing Services Include:

• Systems tests (validation)

• Business applications tests

• Product tests

• Component tests (verification)

• Automatic tests

• Mobile systems tests

• Regression tests

• Functional and procedural tests

• Load tests, performance tests, and response times

• Admission tests

• Conversion and data quality tests

• Growth capacities tests

• Data protection and intrusion detection tests

• Specialty in SAP systems tests

• Application and mobile tests through crowd sourcing

QA Performance Methods

The process of software testing and quality assurance begins by analyzing requirements and counseling with experts. We at Ness make sure to regularly control system performance and meet a strict timetable until the mission is complete.

Our package of QA solutions is intended to meet all our clients' software control requirements. The package consists of all quality assurance stages, starting with the formation of a plan to test the system, through the test analysis and design, to merging all test stages and performing the test in practice. Each and every stage of the plan is documented in detailed, orderly reports.

V-Ness's quality assurance and testing solutions meet a wide variety of challenges, including:

• Assessment of work methods, structure, areas of responsibility, timetables, and future plans.

• Detailed plans for the QA activities, fitted for all software development and maintenance stages

• Creating QA plans that will merge with the company's regular activity

• Familiarity with standards and activities

• Presenting the assessed performance within periodic follow-up on QA activities

• Testing applications through the internet and intranet (inter-organizational network)

The Work Tools

Our testing and quality assurance experts are highly experienced. They use designated simulators, designed especially for that purpose, and the most popular automatic tools among currently available shelf-components in the market. We use leading companies' testing tools, such as: Rational, HP, Segue, Compuware, Microsoft, and more.


We work with most types of embedded applications in most sectors. Our teams use their rich knowledge to design a testing program that will deal with your business challenges. We have substantial experience operating applications and systems, including the following applications and systems:

• Human resources systems

• Billing systems

• Embedded system

• Customer relations management systems

• Banking system

• Internet applications

• Financial applications

• Applications used by the healthcare system

• Defense systems

• Real-time systems

• SAP-ERP systems

• Hardware and components

Added Value for the Customer

Ness's testing services (V-Ness) produce significant benefits for the customer's organization, using the following tools:

• Code coverage testing: our teams expand your testing strategy's code coverage, expose flaws, and improve system performance.

• Reducing the amount of unplanned system downtimes: applications that work properly improve the user experience and reduce the frequency of downtimes. For many organizations, reducing the frequency and duration of downtimes may lead to substantial cost savings, thus generating increased revenues.

• Freeing up internal resources: the savings can help your internal testing team free up valuable resources, and allow you to focus on your business's core tasks.

• Writing modules for validating and programming RTL (register-transfer level).

• ASIC imitation chips (application-specific integrated circuit) through a simulator based emulator.

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