Systems Development and Integration

Ness helps its customers recognize their challenges and form solutions that will help deal with them. Our solutions are based on our considerable experience dealing with development, systems integration, and organizational applications. We use packaged applications (IP) and customized systems development, from the characterization and definition stage to supplying the system and providing maintenance for it.​

Development Projects Based on Java, .NET, and More

Ness has practical experience in planning, designing and developing advanced solutions in various technologies in the Web, Smart Customer, and Mobile worlds, such as:

• Developing organizational information systems

• Systems integration solutions (Integrated e-Business), including electronic businesses, commerce websites, internet applications, and workflow systems.

• An advanced user interface, emphasizing principles of graphic design and a rich user experience.

•Web 2.0 - assimilating a concept of a full internet solution through a variety of advanced technologies.

• A unique specialty in converting old organizational systems (modernizations) into JAVA, .NET, or open source technologies, and in upgrading from previous versions while using tools and infrastructures to speed the process.

Packaged Organizational Applications

Ness Technologies developed a unique approach to integrating packaged applications (IP) in its customers' businesses. Customers who appeal to us benefit from our profound knowledge that separates the business logic and the data structure. They even acquire our skill in matching the best, most suitable interface for integrating the systems in their business. We measure systems integration projects' success by the following standards:

• 100% reliability

• Quick assimilation

• Simple management and maintenance

• Support of open standards

• High flexibility and expansion options

Ness's properties in Israel are currently assimilated in dozens of organizations in all sectors, including insurance companies, banks, pension organizations, credit card companies, hi-tech companies, product companies, and more.

Areas of Service

Our packaged application services cover a wide range of areas, including:

Integration between Heterogeneous Computerization Systems (EAI)

Ness combines its customers' existing systems and new systems by enabling information sharing outside the organization's borders. Our EAI service begins with the planning stages, and it ends with the project's performance and management.

We initiate the management of business processes, thus creating a better business array and improving the decision making process. Initiated management allows us to efficiently integrate the business's various systems, flow information freely and respond to changes in the market.

Ness's system integration experts know all main system integration tools and they're familiar with the standards and with middleware products.

Ness's expertise in systems integration, business processes management, and service-oriented architecture (SOA), performed through traditional or service-oriented middleware strategies, helped businesses all over the world gain the following benefits:

• Improved cooperation within the organization and with external partners

• Consistent, personalized information

• Internal businesses processes to improve operational efficiency

• Increasing the business's exposure to information and business processes

• Improving customer relations and the supply chain

• A more flexible infrastructure to seize new business opportunities

Internet Technologies

Ness programs and provides internet applications and inter- and extra- organizational portals in leading platforms such as eRoom and Microsoft SharePoint. We define the portal's requirements to guarantee that it will meet the customer's business goals. We specialize in building internal portals and marketing portals for all sectors in the economy.


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