Service and Support Centers

​An effective service and support center is a vital need in today's competitive market, and it takes a high level of skill and advanced tools and technologies.

Your Front line

To address the need to make the organization's service and support system efficient and effective and maximize its performance, Ness Technologies provides a comprehensive, modular solution, from advance programs and products that increase the service center's effectiveness - to full outsourcing of the activity to the organization's employees and customers.

Organizational service and support centers are usually the organization's frontline, facing the various populations it provides services to, and they're a critical part of the organization's success in business.

The organization's optimal arrangement toward providing services to its customers can begin by combining advanced products that support the activity and improve its effectiveness, and it may continue with the organization's decision to fully outsource the activity to expert bodies like Ness Technologies. Either way - each of the solutions described herein will allow you to raise the center's quality of service to new levels of efficiency and output.

Systematic Solutions for Service and Support Centers:

Establishing and Operating Support Centers Under a Managed Service Model (BPO)

Ness Technologies runs Israel's largest outsourced service and support center. The support center serves customers via outsourcing and it handles about one million telephone support calls a year in six languages for approximately 70,000 end-users in a line of companies and organizations.

Ness Technologies' and the service and support center's economies of scale enable us to ensure each customer will receive the required resources for his activities, including during peak hours or when abnormal problems arise, requiring higher resources. The center employs a battery of experts on various designated fields, technology-wise and sector-wise.

Ness Technologies' service and support centers' have a long and impressive list of customers. It contains major organizations such as Clalit Health Services, international companies like Teva, financial bodies like the Migdal Insurance Company, and public organizations like the Ministry of the Interior or the Ministry of Environmnetal Protection.

Product Support

Businesses' complexity in the age of globalization, which generates availability and flexibility, the understanding that creating a customer experience and tightening business connections by providing service and support, is vital – increasing the challenge of creating an effective support center for the Company's products, on both the business and operational levels. 

The product support units are required to meet a growing number of end users and customers, in a wide variety of technologies, applications, business processes and supporting systems on the one hand, and on the other - to make sure to reduce costs. This genuine understanding of the potential business and operational value of a product support center drives many businesses and organizations to attempt various configurations of outsourcing services, aiming to provide service and support for their customers through a business-efficient and operationally optimal model.

As one of Israel's leading providers of support centers both in the information systems world and in business world operation and management from end to end, the Ness Technologies Company recognized the growing need to provide product support services via outsourcing, and as a solution - it offers a unique support center with added value as an outcome of this model.

A Designated Suite of Tools to Improve Service and Control in the Support Centers

 Ness's service and support experts labored and created a suite of management, control and decision making tools for the service and support center. This suite includes the SDM (Service Desk Manager) service management system, from CA, to manage the operation and service processes in the computer units and support, service and operation centers, along with "Yahalom", Ness's flagship product, that constitutes a "work desk for the Chief Information Officer, to manage the organization's IT activity". These and other solutions have made Ness the most significant player in the world of service centers outsourcing in Israel and abroad in recent years.

The Service and Support School - One of a Kind Training for Professionalism in Customer Service and Support

The customer service and support school, a one of a kind school in Israel, combines Ness's many years of experience assimilating service skills within Israel's largest bodies and its technological and operative skills, as the founder and operator of service and support centers in dozens of leading organizations.

Ness-Gilon - Advanced Business Intelligence Solutions for Service Centers

Ness-Gilon is the leading company in Israel in BI solutions in general, and in BI solutions for service centers in particular. Ness-Gilon's solutions for service centers are based on the world's most advanced business intelligence tools on the one hand, and on unparalleled professional experience in Israel in implementing business intelligence systems on the other.

Ness-Gilon makes ssure to develop solutions that maximize the benefit obtainable from data, advanced applications and the Company's deep business knowledge to obtain a fast, clear ROI.

It's clear that implementing the BI systems in support and service centers enables time savings in producing center reports, by dozens of percentages. Moreover, the assimilated BI tools in the organization reinforce the managers' perspective, providing a quick and effective decision making process for them.

Products and Software for Service and Support Centers:

ClearMash - an inter-organizational knowledge network that provides a solution for managing and sharing information in service centers

Informatica DDM - secured data retrieval from the CRM/ERP systems' databases

i-PDF by PrintBOS: interactive documents for self-service

Fax Confirmation by Message Manager - automating communications via organizational fax

Aternity for CRM- monitoring user experience in various environments including service centers

EyeView - documenting and retrieving customer activities in the organizational online systems


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