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Ness Technologies’ SAP activity specializes in project performance and in providing advanced solutions from SAP. ​

The Ness Company, as a senior partner to the SAP Company and as the founder and leader of the SAP market in Israel, constantly develops new abilities to combine unique solutions and a variety of services, based on the SAP platform, giving all sectors an added value and advanced technological and business abilities. Ness's accumulated expertise enables smooth assimilation and complete treatment of the organization's needs for the customer: counseling and advising, ERP and CRM systems implementation and development, BO/BI solutions, assimilating advanced solutions for the mobile world, tests for the SAP systems and training and assimilation for them. 

ERP Systems Implementation

Over the years, Ness performed hundreds of the largest most complex ERP projects in Israel in all business sectors, for large and medium entities. Ness has the skills and abilities to perform projects according to proven SAP methodologies, assimilate "best practice" solutions for all sectors, through the RDS - Rapid Deployment System – methodology.

The SAP activity in Ness encompasses hundreds of content experts: project managers, applicators and advisors in various worlds, all with high professional abilities in addition to understanding the core of the customer's business.

Ness successfully carries out a long tradition of implementing SAP systems that contribute greatly to creating added business value to all our customers.

CRM SAP Implementation and Assimilation

Ness has been leading SAP's CRM solution for years. Here too, Ness created a unique best practice CRM solution that encompasses Israel's largest CRM team's many years of experience.

Ness's best practice solution enables quick access to performing successful CRM projects while combining all of the customer's needs from the project commencement, ensuring timetable and budget goals will be met. The numerous successful CRM projects contributed to Ness's solution experts' ability to speak the right language - "the customer's language", thus mediating the technology and the organization's business units.

The Service Office for SAP's customers

In light of the rich experience maintaining and developing SAP systems for our customers over the years, and a profound understanding of these processes, Ness established a service office to provide maintainance, development and support services for the SAP customers. The new service office model allows small and medium companies and organizations to use high quality, world-leading technology while benefitting from maximal business flexibility. The model offers services for all modules and processes the organization uses, while defining the service level (SLA). The service office provides a solution for maintenance issues, errors, work packages for changes and additions and project performance at a fixed price. The model enables significant savings in the system's maintenance costs as well as a commitment to service level and a solution to additions according to the customer's changing needs.  As an added value, Ness provides its service office customers with broad expert services for counseling and escalation according to the customer's changing needs.     

Technology and Infrastructures - PORTAL, BASIS, XI, PI

Ness is the world's most knowledgable authority on infrastructures and development for the SAP world, with dozens of experts on these worlds: Portal SAP, BASIS, XI/PI and mobile infrastructure services, in addition to end expertise and practical experience in system upgrading, migration and database conversion from Oracle to SQL projects.  This technological branch is critical for dealing with advanced, niche project issues and in supplying a variety of expert services to address our customers' changing needs.

Assimilation and Training for SAP Tools

Ness's training division is Israel's foremost leading partner in the field of SAP Systems assimilation. The division is an official training branch for the SAP Company in Israel, and it's authorized to deliver the company's official courses on the SAP Business Suite package of solutions.

SAP has a structured product training methodology called ASAP, and it determines the structured stages of managing the training project and work methods. Ness's Training Division combine the ASAP methodology with unique methodologies the Division developed:

TOC - Transparency Organizational Change - training and assimilation while minimizing the resistance as a result of changing familiar work methods.

TMM - Training Modules Method - training and assimilation according to knowledge baskets, customized to tasks as derived from each organization employee's daily work needs.

Expertise in Business Objects and EPM Solutions

For years, Ness has been ranked as the leader of BI in Israel, particularly in the field of Office of the CFO, and as such, Ness offers custom SAP Business Objects solutions, including a set of solutions for a wide variety of business interests, reporting and control (budget planning, report consolidation, measurements and strategy management, risk management, pricing, and profitability analysis).

The available solutions enable decision makers in the organization, particularly the CFO, to carry out the various tasks in a combined work environment, enabling the ability to make informed decisions while processing a huge volume of data in real time.

The team of BI experts now offer a uniform environment, based on a single organizational truth, in a convinient, intuitive and flexbile way for the user to consume all BI contents through various mobile devices, the intuitive, interactive, and uniform user interface across the set of solutions. This, beside full integration with all organizational systems, all organizational data warehouses and all types of common portals in the market.

NessPRO - A Licensing Vendor for SAP Products and Complementary Products

The NessPRO Company, Ness Technologies' products group, deals with distributing software licenses for the world's largest manufacturers, specializing among other things in selling SAP software licenses and supplementary ERP solutions. NessPRO's main added value is the ability to combine software licensing, guidance and integration.

Our complementary products include:

Data Management

The EPI-USE products package for data management in SAP is called the Data Sync Manager (DSM), and it enables selective building and copying of data between different SAP systems, including data masking.

PROCESS Runner - a solution for data loading, retrieval and restoration from Excel, SharePoint or Mobile to SAP, and vice versa.

Information Management and Business Intelligence

Documentum - EMC's Documentum is a world leading content management platform. Documentum enables decentralized work in an open work environment and it can escalate and be customized to customers' needs, large and small.

OBJECT MANAGER - an automatic configuration management tool in the SAP system, with a rollback option.

V-Ness - Quality Assurance and SAP Systems Testing

V-Ness, Ness Technologies' tests group, is now one of Israel's leading bodies in the field of quality assurance and automatic tests, thanks to Ness's mobility and rich experience with deveoplment projects in various content worlds. V-Ness's test engineers are very familiar with the various modules of SAP systems and are very experienced testing these systems in leading organizations in the Israeli market, in the industry, the defense sector, and the banking and insurance markets.

The Ness College

The Ness SAP-Education College is a senior business partner of the SAP Company, and it meets the highest standards of service, professionalism and implemented innovation, in addition to providing a unique learning experience. The College has been around for over a decade and is one of the first leading colleges for professional training in SAP tools.

Moreover, it serves as Israel's only authorized test center for official qualifications by the global SAP Company. Ness Technologies' Ness College was ranked by software giant SAP as the top training provider for 2012, declared as Partner of the Year in the training area.

Designing a User Interface for SAP Systems

In our technological era, the use of various interfaces in all areas of life became competitve and extensive.

The right interface can determine the system's chances of success.  Ness has a team of experts with over 10 years of proven experience planning and desining SAP systems' user interfaces among many organizations in various sectors. The team of UI experts controls and understands the abilities and limitations of planning and designing the user interface in a wide variety of technologies, with a particular specialty and vast experience designing for SAP systems, vast experience with studying, investigating and understanding the various components of a customized user interface for the customer. All with business vision and understanding, personal attitude, and careful, high quality treatment of the customer's needs from end to end.

SAP Core Solutions

Finances, energy, chemistry, municipalities, academies, health, etc.

Ness Technologies' SAP activity gives unique experience implementing core solutions in all sectors.

Ness has rich, unique experience implementing core solutions, segmented according to various sectors, such as:

The insurance sector

Effective management of the payments and collection system, centralized management of financial assets, risk management, and support of regulations and the organization's policy, integrative management of claims processes, commission plans management, optimization of sales processes, agents, and more.

The banking sector

End to end management of all bank processes in a uniform platform, core banking processes management, connecting customers to data anytime, anywhere at the branch, on line or via mobile, proactive risk management in real time for internal control, and more.

Solutions for educational institutes and higher education institutes

Managing the student's life cycle, campus management and student administration, improved ranking and reputation, income and expenses array management, control and management of research and innovation processes, use of business intelligence solutions to make informed real time decisions, and more.

The chemicals industry

Syncronizing manufacturing units, the chain of supply and business development, balancing supply and demand through flexible planning according to needs, a proactive management environment, suitable for employee health and safety needs, and more.

The healthcare sector

Creating an integrative, efficient workflow to measure and improve treatment quality, a mobile platfrom for controlling and performing tests and making professional decisions online, analyze clinical, financial and administrative data within a uniform system, and more.

Solutions for the infrastructures and energy world, water corporations and municipal authorities

Managing the engineering, manufacturing, logistics and finances systems, supporting handling with current and future regulatory demands, managing the risks of global activities, managing the billing, collection and cash flow system throughout the project's life.


For more information - Info@Ness-tech.co.il


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