Outsourcing and Managed Services

Being an Outsourcing Company Is in Our DNA

Ness keeps close touch with its customers, and so it recognizes the growing need to provide outsourcing and managed services in a variety of operational models and business models.

Ness offers solutions in the operation and management world in flexible models, from whole IT departments management, application and computerization infrastructures maintenance, computerization centers maintenance, infrastructure teams, technicians, inter- organizational and extra-organizational support and service center management, and monitoring the organization's infrastructures, to expert and advisor activities, and more.

Ness Technologies' "Ten Commandments" of Outsourcing

Ness's outsourcing model is based on ten components - five methodological components and five operational components, aiming to create an optimal model for the customer while optimizing, creating savings and real business value of the the organization's IT unit.

The Ten Components:

1. Creating value and a business edge for the customer, realization of abilities, while understanding and controlling all components of the computer unit.

2. Ongoing training and guidance for the computer unit employees, to develop personal and professional skills.

3. Adopting and implemeneting proven methodologies and success stories while emphasizing the ITIL v.3 best practice to ensure the optimal implementation of information technology services, and the computer unit's optimal ongoing functioning, in addition to best practices from Israel and abroad based on cumulative success, the implementation of past success and use of available assets.

4. Proper, flexible project management, to enable quick adjustment to organizational changes such as structural changes, acquisition of companies and activities while being on top of the daily technological changes in the organization on the one hand and in the computerization field on the other.

5. Service level management (SLM) - periodic, regular measurement of the customer service level. Ness has a fixed process for monitoring and controlling service level agreements will various suppliers, for the customer's benefit.

6. Implementing operative BI (business intelligence) based portals and dashboards, that enable the CIO to control all components of the computer unit. The Yahalom Portal is unique application of the BI component, intended to connect the five methodological components and the operative components.

7. An inter-organizational and extra-organizational support and service center - Ness has proven knowledge and experience in establishing and operating support centers, including: the facility, recruiting and ongoing team management, providing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the ability to provide services in different languages, and advanced customized applied tools, to be implemented at the customer's on at Ness's facilities.

8. Operation management – in order to enable the organization to operate optimally and regularly, minimize risks and maintain technological relevance, Ness understands the importance of ongoing computer management and operation as the entire organization's business and operational continuity. All owing to proactivity, early detection, questioning and learning lessons as means for constant improvement.

9. Production environment management - Ness implements a methodology for production environment management through missions and projects, control, monitoring and real-time alerts on the infrastructure system and the user experience, remote control center, operational knowledge management as a component of quality, and more.

10. Added value - providing quality and timely information to the end-customer and providing service to the customer under a unique business-operational model

Ness Technologies offers solutions under the managed services model in several areas of expertise:

• Support, upgrading and implementation (infrastructural and applicative)

Ness has unique application based outsourcing solutions. As part of the implementation and transition to working in the manufacturing environment process, Ness Technologies offers a modular package, customized for each stage of the system's life cycle.

Ness is very knowledgeable in Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP systems based on business intelligence process and business information management.

• Regular Operation and Maintenance

Ness Technologies has vast experience and expertise in maintaining organizational computerization systems, from providing infrastructure services, database services, network and communications systems management, data protection and compliance with standards in the field (SOX), user profile management (IDM), and control and command (NOC), to establishing and providing maintenance for computer rooms and units under various hosting and operating models.

• ITSM – IT Service Management

Ness has conisderable experience operating service arrays in the world of computerization and information systems, including operating advanced support centers, operating technician deployments, providing service to the organization's employees and customers, managing service level agreements (SLM), remotely and from the customer's site.  In addition, Ness specializes in operating call centers, back office systems, establishing and managing product support centers, and organizational processes operation (BPO).

Unique Assets of Ness's Outsourcing Activity

The Yahalom Portal

The Yahalom Portal, a unique BI tool that interfaces with many information and computerization systems, integrates and analyses data through a rich, advanced graphic display. The portal enables presenting an overall image of the organization's computerization array and information systems, and assists in decision making and improvements.

When the organization's computerization area is managed via outsourcing, the Yahalom Portal is the management and operation platform, as a tool to manage the outsourcing production floor. The portal is intended to transmit operational information, work methodologies and messages to relevant management groups to manage operation in the outsourced computer units. Ness chosen Microsoft as its partner in implementing the Yahalom Platform.


Ness Service Desk is an information system that automates the main operation processes in the computer unit. The system is based on applying V3 ITIL processes, based on the extensive operative knowledge accumulated in Ness's outsourcing projects.

Service and Support Center

The Unified Reference and Delivery (URD) Center the Ness Company established is a comprehensive 24/7 service and support center that handles about a million calls a year in 10 languages from about 100,000 end users in over 5,000 sites worldwide. The URD center was approved for the ISO/IEC 20000 Standard (compliant with the ITIL v.3 requirements), and it combines advanced tools, proven methodologies and optimal processes that allow Ness to offer its customers high quality, quick support while saving costs.

Infrastructures, Control and Command Experts

The Ness Company's team of experts comprises of employees with many years of experience planning and designing IT infrastructures, writing characterization documents, establishing and providing maintenance for infrastructures in complex technological environments.

Transition to Cloud

Ness is currently the leading cloud services company, with its practical experience assimilating business solutions for many companies of various orders of magnitude and in various sectors.
Ness effectively connects the cloud to the organization's needs, implementing advanced technologies and proactive support services. On the other hand, Ness makes available to the customer an experienced team of experts that accompanies the customer from the characterization and analysis stage to planning, migration and regular maintenance, all in four stages, using unique tools.

Ness Technologies' Outsourcing Services' Advantages

Professionalism and experience - Ness Technologies accumulated vast experience managing outsourcing systems and providing IT services and solutions. As a result, the company's customers benefit from the best practices in Israel and abroad, guaranteeing maximal output in minimal time.

Flexibility - Ness Technologies is Israel's leading IT company. This enables it and its customers to make rapid changes and respond to business and operational demands from the field. Consequently, the customer is able to improve its service and the ability to compete against its competition.

Transparency and Control - Ness Technologies developed advanced methodologies and management tools to manage computerization systems with transparency and control. Ness's customers enjoy tools that enable them to control and measure the quality and level of service Ness provides them with at any point in time.

Focus and Technological Expertise - Ness Technologies makes sure its professional teams' technological level is high. They possess technological knowledge thanks to Ness's vast connections with world-leading hardware and software companies and thanks to Ness's position as a global company, active in over 20 countries. As a result, the professional team approaches the task while it's free for creative thinking and extra-flexible in customizing the suitable solution for each customer.

Market Leaders in Outsourcing

Ness has been ranked first in providing IT and outsourcing services in Israel according to the Dun & Bradstreet and BDI 100 Companies Ranking. In 2013, Ness was featured in the list of "100 Global Service Providers" as one of the leading most innovative service providers in the field of technology.
In 2014, the STKI ranked Ness as leading provider of outsourcing and managed services in Israel.

For more information - Info@Ness-tech.co.il 


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