Professionals & Experts Service

When there's a need for flexibility and increased efficiency in business, it’s important to rely on our experts! We put skilled IT professionals at your disposal, quickly and for your unique needs.

Through Ness's experts' and advisors' services, we place experienced professionals at our clients' disposal per their request and as necessary, in many fields within the world of information systems: project managers, system analysts, BI specialists, developers in all environments, infrastructures and networks personnel, technicians, guides, assimilators, tests experts, and more.

In addition to these things, Ness has a variety of expert advisors on unique areas with an understanding of all sectors' core business, such as: ERP, CRM, information management, Office of the CFO, data analysis, and more.

 The expert and advisor services are provided as a part of a comprehensive package, including cooperation with various departments, the Ness College, and the Recruiting Department, to enable us to be more efficient, flexible and fast to meet our clients' needs.

Your Challenges - Our Advantages

Experts and Advisors

Experienced professionals in the entire spectrum of specialties in the world of information systems, combined with a unique understanding of each and every sector's core business

An "Umbrella of Knowledge" and Professional Training

Ness's experts are always kept up to speed on all existing professional knowledge in their area of expertise, through professional training (the Ness College), information transmission processes, and internal and external knowledge meetings in all of Ness's professional departments.

Advanced Recruiting Methodologies

Ness's recruiting Department boasts Israel's leading methodological procedures and recruiting mechanisms, with the ability to locate the most suitable candidates in the shortest time for the client's needs.

With Them All the Way

All experts and advisors benefit from Ness's strong foundation as an established, stable, experienced, reliable company, and all their professional and personal needs are adressed to their benefit (HR, professional managers, etc.).

Hand in Hand with the Client

Those who choose to work with Ness know that we're with them all the way - during downsizings, expansions, on demand, in finding alternative experts as necessary (sometimes in urgent "here and now" situations"), all served professionally, kindly, and within long-term relations.

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