Development and Excellence Centers

Establishing, managing and operating Ness’s Development and Excellence Centers are strategic services that combine a global supply model, local management, and common control. The service focuses on providing research & development services, developing software products, and counseling services. These services improve the software development skills and encourage innovation among independent software vendors (ISVS), product-oriented companies, and financial organizations​

Ness's software engineering services are based on its expertise in product development. As part of our service, we establish software labs that employ the customer and Ness's joint teams. The labs are intended to quickly develop a larger quantity of innovative products and technologies. We offer our customers professionalization in broad technologies, specializing in High-end technology, all combined with an understanding of our customers' core business. Our services help our customers think outside the box and create the next generation of products.

We now operate over 55 customer labs in India, Israel and Eastern Europe. We give our customers commercial development capabilities, knowledge of governance, excellence, software version management, and functional knowledge concerning all product manufacturing stages.

Data and Figures

Global Technology Centers:

Israel: Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Lod

India: Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengalor

The United States: Pittsburgh

The Czech Republic: Prague, Brno, Moravske, Ostrava

Romania: Iași, Bucharest

Slovakia: Bartislava, Košice

The Engagement Model

Our software product lab provides all functions under an outsourcing model, and they enable the customers to use only relevant components to them. There are three essential elements to the lab's activity, guaranteeing the success ofthe software development projects:

Human capital: a designated team of experts with the necessary skills for dealing with the projects' complexity, along with a relevant understanding of the customer's core business.

Process: the important processes' framework demands us to make the labs internet-accessible and assist the customer in adjusting the processes. Key processes concern infrastructure requirements, security requirements, employee recruitment, regulation, etc.

Knowledge: the software engineering teams at our labs specialize in developing internal applications and commercial database applications used by the world's leading companies.

Over the years, we have assimilated the most advance work methods and processes, all based on the development and management of over 50 software product labs.

We rely extensively on state of the art methodologies and tools, cooperation and techniques, divided into two categories:

Common discourse: establishing the vital relationship for the first stages of the engagement.

Communal interactions: document management, threaded discussions, historical auditing and other mechanisms, intended to concentrate all factors in the content environment's efforts to the benefit of all team members.

By establishing offshore or nearshore labs, manned by our expert teams, our customers benefit from the following advantages:

• Progressive developments and innovative products.

• We carefully plan the team's work environment and methods to come up with the optimal qualities that will allow our customers to succeed.

• We reduce software development expenses by optimizing key resources, running the projects and the conditions for finding the best location.

• Our unique work methods accelerate the lab establishment rate, improving the time investment to benefit production ratio, which threatens to derail the project in its early stages.

• Supplying planned products to meet future market needs.

• Reducing the development efforts' overall costs

• Providing higher-quality products with fewer flaws. Aiming to shorten the products' time to market.

Improving our customers' abilities enables them to give their customers:

• More features with each version update

• More frequent product updates

• Improved quality of end-variables

• Improved customer satisfaction

Flexible Engagement Models

Though substantial cost reductions are possible by using the offshore resources, we are aware that cost isn't the only motive to outsource professional service work. Ness uses flexible models of engagement, to guarantee that project requirements will be met, whether this means reducing costs, increasing income, or better utilizing the work teams.

Ness's professional service engineering teams work in three main channels:

• Extended organizational services

• Adding "private labeled" products, manufactured by one company and sold under another company's brand name.

• High transparency and full operational control.

• Defining and performing "common tasks and goals" to make the organization a vital part of success.


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