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Big Data & Analytics – Income, not Numbers​

Ness helps its customers deal with two important needs effectively - improving business performance and increasing the customers' profitability. Promoting these two areas eventually improves customer satisfaction.

The business market is coming out of the recent years' hibernation and is now thriving again. This trend demands organizations to introduce new business patterns and new models, install smart information management systems and make two critical moves for success: first, to utilize the multiplying volume and kinds of information, they must acquire high analytical skills and aspire to cooperate with other organizations. Secondly, they must establish a focused, dynamic information infrastructure to merge and manage information more quickly within and outside the organization.

Customer Relations Management

In today's competitive business environment, companies must find new ways to increase profitability for existing customers and attract new customers. At the same time, they must maintain full satisfaction among all customers to increase their loyalty and keep them from leaving.

Our customer relations management helps companies gain more from their marketing efforts and increase their profitability by assimilating marketing strategies and customer-focused communication strategies.

Ness has proven methods and substantial experience in vertical markets. It specializes in data management and merging, building models, market analysis and campaign management. All these things and more allow Ness to give its customers a comprehensive solution to manage their customer relations.

Turn-Key Solutions

We provide a wide variety of services to manage customer relations and applied abilities that help organizations reach their marketing and sales objects. These services include:

Comprehensive data management - performing constant data quality control using an automatic DQA tool. This tool performs optimization, clean-up, enrichment, and data merging.

Analytic models - planning and conducting an advanced analysis of the market and its customers, intended to characterize and segment customers, behavioral patterns, the customer's life value, customer abandonment prediction, market trends, customer panels, etc.

Planning and managing a marketing campaign - designing, planning and managing a successful campaign that will help the organization meet its business objects. The business objects are formed based on insights provided by analytical models.

Lead Management - channeling lead transmission in all media defines the time gaps communication is carried out in, preventing system overloads.

Merging and interaction - merging the campaign's final components and transferring them to the execution channels. Use of reciprocal interaction to assess customers' needs, sales targets and customer service, to facilitate cross selling.

Closed circuit - performance research and campaign assessment - customer relations and previous success stories are fed into the database and they help assess the campaign's effectiveness and analyze the returns on investments in it.

Data models for specific industries - a data model that's customized especially for a certain industry that can serve as a basis for a comprehensive solution.

Data Counseling Services

BI (business intelligence) review - Business Discovery is an analysis of the organization's needs in the area of business information. After the analysis stage, the chosen BI (business intelligence) platform is assimilated, with the goal of helping the organization achieve its goals most effectively and at minimal costs. The BI review has four main focal points: the business, the data model, the technology and work processes.

• The organizational data management master plan

Recognizes business areas of expertise (operational and analytical information that supports the organization's business needs) and describes how they ought to be realized. The business areas that need to be focused on are: CDI - customer data integration - and PMI.

• Organization performance management

- Guiding the organization by specifying its goals and defining main measurements for assessing each organizational unit's performance.

- Drawing the organization's values map by mapping the connection between success factors and business processes.

- Outlining a strategy and defining key performance indexes (KPI), based on best practices in several areas such as: management/financing, service, growth, and customers.

• Financial analysis

Defining a business methodology, advanced financial models, and assimilating BI solutions to advance the models, such as:

- Budget planning and control

- Pricing based on the company's activity

- Costs planning

- Customer/product/channel value management

- Researching financial performance measurements and data research

• Data architecture

The data architecture is the definition of all terms in a business language, information management and deployment (Metadata, BI portal), and determining tools and processes to establish the data's reliability, consistency and integrity (DQM, improvement, data enrichment, etc.).

• Risk management

Risk management is a process that helps making adjustments to regulations and optimizing capital allocations. We define, plan and perform projects according to the Basel 2 standard, based on the same platform. Moreover, we point out the needed information sources and data model to plan and run credit risk models (PD, LGD, EAD).

• Project orientation

We serve as a source of counseling for our customers, giving them guidance in all aspects of the BI (business intelligence) plan. The services we provide include budget management, efficient process implementation and forming an action plan that demonstrates the advantages of using BI for management purposes.

• BI services in real time

Updating and synchronizing information in real time through a combination of business rules and business logic. Information merging acheives the following goals:

- Merging historical and current data

- Analyzing events and taking action soon after the event

- Quick/immediate response to episodes

Data merging and management

The data management technologies allow companies to analyze, perform, and improve the control over their data. These technologies provide the required infrastructure for controlling data by converting raw data into consistent, accurate, and reliable information.

Efficient management enables organizations to access their fragmented information (fragmentation), review their knowledge assets accurately and consistently, and leverage these assets to making business decisions.

Ness provides a unified data merging platform, based on proven, recommended work methods. These methods are used in the best technologies and BI tools of their kind. We have substantial experience in designing, developing and performing information databases in a wide variety of work interfaces. This experience helped us develop proven working methods to manage information databases and data patters.

Ness has experience working with the most popular data merging tools such as: IBM WebSphere DataStage, Informatica, MS-SSIS, and more. In addition, we work with developers of database systems that can store dozens of terabytes of information. We work with SAS, Teradata, Oracle, and more.

Our familiarity with many BI infrastructures allowed us to develop custom made work methods and components. Through our work methods and components, we offer our customers ETL development services, metadata mangement, system performance management, data quality control and data enrichment services. Moreover, we help organizations with organizational infrastructures merging processes, including networks, service, performance tools, and more.

Analytics OEM

In today's competitive market, solution providers must prove the technological solutions' clear business value.

The built-in analytics abilities as a parrt of the solution prove added business value for the customer.

Ness-Gilon provides an Analytics OEM system as a shelf-product that contains business measurements retrieval, processing and presentation processes.

We will be happy to present the solution's components, the simple application and the attractive business model.


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