Technological Leadership and Development Program (CTM-Ed)

Technological Leadership and Knowledge Management Development Program (CTM-Ed - Certification Technology Management) is a unique collaboration between the Ness Technologies Company, the IDF, the academy, and local authorities.

​Led by mayors and education department managers, the bodies cooperated in a move that creates a unique, innovative link between a technology company and education research and development. The program is active in over 35 local authorities.

The collaboration's unique nature manifests in the institutionalization of creation, research and development, combining the unique population and the country's future human capital.

A unique, innovative connection between a technology company and the community.

The knowledge accumulated by one of Israel's leading technology companies serves as a unique resource available to the educational institute.

The CTM-Ed Program's Essence

The program's goal is to nurture leadership among highly-skilled teenagers in an advanced technological environment.

Developing leadership and teamwork abilities while exposing the students to biotechnology, nano-technology, artificial intelligence and software engineering, enables raising a generation that can lead a vision and an ethical commitment to values, driving relationships, the ability to function in complex environments and under complex conditions, and flexibility that enables change.

Within the program, students raise groundbreaking technological ideas that bring technological and social tidings. The idea's conception forms the initial spark for a start-up in an advanced technological world and the reality of research and development. Students learn to analyze and characterize the technological components and variables in a characterization document, write an academic research paper that forms the academic basis for development, and build a computer simulation that demonstrates the idea.

Technological Leadership and Knowledge Management Development, Suited For High School Students, Deals with the Following Development Components:

Capabilities - providing tools for thinking and working in an advanced technological research environment that enables original performance while creating and utilizing the most powerful learning opportunities for each student.

• Skills - developing the basis for high-order thinking and the ability to produce each student's highest potential out of this kind of thinking.

Expertise - giving the required understanding and experience for expert performance. Expert performance includes rigorous preliminary preparations, planning, causality, control and evaluation of several areas, while operating complex control processes.

• Creativity - creative fertility depends on proficiency in certain contents and on capabilities. Creative performance will be developed as a part of the cognitive performance system, thus enabling creative performance using each student's full potential.

Technology – program students will accumulate practical experience in the technological, executive area, and they will become familiar with basic principles of advanced technology.

Leadership - developing leadership styles, aiming to train students toward flexibility and capability, to match the leadership style according to the team, mission and value.

The program aspires to nurture leaders who can flexibly move within the range wherein the type and style of personal and group leadership, the mission, value and goals, and required range of action, all have an influence.

The Program's Structure and Contents:

The Technological Leadership and Knowledge Management Development Program (CTM-Ed) is a biannual program that consists of 350 hours, counting for 117 teaching units (the teaching unit in the program is 3 academic hours, within a single weekly session and in meetings during the summertime within "summer camps".

Sessions take place once a week, and each session lasts 3 academic hours.

The program progresses over two main courses: the pedagogic course and the academic course.

Student Outputs:

At the end of the training process, a prestigious national graduation ceremony is held, with an exhibition presenting the graduation projects.

Program graduates who will successfully fulfill the duties after completing 117 teaching units (350 hours over two years), and will submit the graduation project, will be eligible for:

• A Technological Leadership and Knowledge Management Development (CTM-Ed) Program graduation diploma on behalf of the Ness Technologies Company, Israel's leading IT company in the areas of technology and software management and development.

• The program's graduates may choose to take certification tests from the variety of MCPD - Microsoft Certified Professional for Developed programs.

• The students' names will be delivered to the IDF's computerization units, thus paving their way to service in these elite units.

Student Scouting and Identification

The program is intended for excellent students who are suitable for the program.

Participant location will be performed in cooperation between the Ness Technologies Company's representatives, the authority's representative and the school.

Program participants will be chosen in two stages:

First, they will be located at the school by the educational staff after checking their match to required student characteristics. The program's staff, in cooperation with the school's staff, will identify candidates using a unique scouting tool.

In the second stage, program candidates will be chosen in a selection workshop that includes a test and a personal interview.


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