Business & IT Alignment Consulting

Ness Technologies’ strategic counseling activity focuses on business counseling and strategic counseling on information systems for medium-sized and major companies and organizations.

Ness Technologies' strategic counseling services are based on unique methodologies and on a variety of supporting processes that represent a complementary conception of added value for all of Ness's services, from end to end:

IT Transformation

Defines and provides a full and structured access ("road map" for managing the IT entities' re-organization, along with the organization's business organization.

IT Strategy

Defines the overall desirable organizational architecture: the business architecture, information architecture, applications and technology, while understanding and hedging the risks, benefits, investments, and returns.

IT Governance

Provides the structure, processes, measurements and methods for guaranteeing investments in IT will suit the business objectives and enable making the right investment decisions.


Provides a unique administrative framework for measuring the IT organization's "maturity" and for constant improvement thereof, to generate optimal value for the company's businesses.

Ness's uniqueness in providing strategic counseling services in the information systems world:

* A team of expert advisors who combine decades of academic-technological experience and business experience

* A profound understanding of business motives in the era of information economy

* A proven expertise in integrating systems in a variety of business sectors

* Specialty in providing computing services while meeting strict SLA objectives

* A best practices-based work methodology

* The work methodology contains a collection of tools, work methods and product templates

* Access to databases for comparative data (Benchmarks and Best Practices)

* The entire spectrum of professional services is covered - from strategic counseling to ongoing operation

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