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Ness has been focusing on the service sector since 1990, and it provides service providers in Israel with technology and business support services.
Our technological independence and our cooperation with world-leading IT providers let us match the right technology for each project, independent of the platform type.​

We help the service providers improve their outputs, reduce manufacturing costs, and manage core issues such as privatization or implementation of regulations. Moreover, we assist companies with the following issues: sustainability, modernization of infrastructure, visibility (supply networks), hedge strategies, risk management, and performance measurements.

Our services deal with the following business challenges:

• Reducing operation costs

• Creating a business platform to manage and optimize the business

• Applying higher business intelligence using dashboards and business analysis tools

• Managing client relations and optimizing the billing systems

• Reducing risks in data transfer, reducing the number of errors, utilizing time and manpower

• Standardization of business processes and documenting routine work

• Adopting sophisticated technology assets

• Improving the energy production process

• Increasing the system's scalability and reliability

Our services and solutions include:

• A system for planning the organization's resources

• Customer service and billing solutions, customer relations management (CIS, CRM)

• Solutions for trading in energy and managing trading risks (TRM)

• Technical solutions and maintenance solutions, such as dynamic information systems, risk management, human resources, and geographical information systems

• Planning, optimization and balancing energy production

• Support services, including business intelligence and custom development of packaged applications


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