Manufacturing & Retail

Ness’s services help manufacturers improve their production processes, make logistics more efficient, and increase the product’s distribution speed. Services even help manufacturers upgrade the quality of services they provide to their clients, minimize investments and production expenses, and make information more accessible.​

Organizational Services

Ness provides a spectrum of solutions for organizations that deal with manufacturing.

The information management services Ness provides include:

• Logistical networks management

• Client relations management

• Billing and payment systems

• Databases and business intelligence

• Document management systems

• Asset management

• Quality control, system inspection and calibration

• Infrastructures and security

• Testing organizational information systems (ERP, CRM, billing, data warehouses, etc.)

Application Development Services

• Integration between heterogeneous computerization systems - Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

• System deployment for human resources planning

• Custom application development and maintenance

Software Products Engineering

Ness's software products labs offer manufacturers designated applications that help create income sources. Ness provides outsourcing and software product development services. Ness's services combine proven development methods, wide worldwide distribution capabilities, devoted teams and a cooperative conception. The fruit of the labor Ness presents to its customers is a competent manufacturing cost and innovative, quickly developed software products.

Customer Club Establishment and Management

SYNERGY is the world's leading company in customer management, responsible for the success of many customer clubs in Israel and abroad.

This experience manifests in building and forming the strategy and in implementing the club's marketing and technology aspects, while using orderly, proven methodologies.

As part of the service, SYNERGY provides managed services throughout the club's life: consumer behavior analysis, managing relations programs and running campaigns, and marketing counseling for ongoing enhancement of business outcomes.


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