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Much was said and written about Israeli hi-tech companies and their initiative and innovation. It's important to understand that a company's success depends not only on ideas and innovative applications, but on providing a professional solution for a series of challenges including the correct combination of technologies, in-depth quality control, the right user experience, and providing the customers with business value. The Ness Technologies Company accumulated massive knowledge and experience in performing projects for its many customers in Israel and abroad, and it now offers quickly developing hi-tech organizations a comprehensive envelope of technology-oriented business solutions as needed to face the market's challenges.

Systems Development and Integration

The Ness Company specializes in developing applications in various development languages (Java, Dot Net, etc.). In recent years, Ness has been ranked as Israel's leading company in these areas by the STKI ranking company. Ness provides comprehensive, overall solutions, starting with counseling and characterizing of the business need until the solution - based on constructing a fitted architecture and selecting the right technological infrastructure - is implemented. This process is accompanied by skilled, experienced specialists in all development platforms and in various content worlds, who accompany all project stages while providing a comprehensive warranty throughout the project and the implemented solution's entire lifecycle.

Ness Technologies has practical experience in planning, designing and developing advanced solutions in advanced technologies in the worlds of Smart Customer, Big Data, NOSQL, Web, Mobile, and many others, such as:

• Organizational information systems

• Portal Express - an innovative packaged and ready to use inter-organizational portal

• Systems integration solutions (Integrated e-Business), including e-commerce websites, internet applications, and workflow systems.

• Packaged software solutions and products for ISV's.

• Converting old organizational systems (modernization) for new generation technology

Development Centers

As a global company, Ness Technologies can recognize the right next excellence centers for its customers in the field of development. Ness's Development and Excellence Centers offer an optimal solution quality-wise while reducing costs substantially, thanks to government grants that encourage hiring high-quality, experienced manpower, and Ness's unique methodologies, tools, recruiting and operation processes, and physical resources in operating the Development Centers and technology teams. Join the dozens of customers in Israel and abroad who benefit from Ness's ten development centers around the world.

User Experience (UI/UX) - Your Customer Is Our Specialty

Certainly, everyone understands how important the user interface's visibility and friendliness to the users, and how critical the customer's experience is in increasing use (and income) through websites and on-line applications.

Ness knows the interface that connects people and technology has to be simple and intuitive to operate. The correct smart interface widely determines the system's (application/ internet/ inter-organizational system, etc.) chances of success, reducing business response times thanks to the correct, quick utilization of information. With 10 years' worth of proven experience planning and designing user interfaces, and while understanding design abilities and restrictions in a wide variety of technologies, Ness's team of UI/UX experts accompanies, advises, and characterizes the user's experience, fitted for each platform and target audience.

Tests and Quality Assurance

Through the V-Ness company, which has been active in the world of tests in Israel and abroad for over 15 years, Ness supplies unique test models for hi-tech companies, specializing in software, chip, hardware and medical-devices companies. The company has substantial experience in load testing, automatic tests and performance, validation and verification for component and hardware companies. These activities are performed while implementing custom models and establishing proficient expert teams on the relevant content world. Another unique solution, customized for the mobile and applications world, is an innovative crowd-sourcing based tests service.

Low Cost Preferred Population Based Solutions

Many high-tech companies don't always anticipate the multiplying tasks beside the need for optimization and savings, and the challenges of a growing and shrinking manpower when they take their first steps in the high speed business world. To help with that, Ness puts a highly devoted manpower at its customers' disposal, composed of ultra-orthodox Jewish women who graduated from seminars and a B.A. that's fully intended to work in development and testing projects. Services are provided under a unique model, wherein each team is managed by an area expert, constituting an "A to Z technological umbrella", all while maintaining maximum quality and a highly competitive price.

Big Data & Analytics - To Give Your Products a Competitive Edge

The ability to process and manage information, including prospective information, in a way that generates the maximal benefit for the company's customer's business goals, or those of the organization itself, is one of the most definite competitive edges for high-tech companies in general and product companies in particular. For the benefit of all these things, Ness developed groundbreaking analysis abilities in a world where growth of unstructured information outside the organization and the massive quantities of structured information inside the organization double at any given moment. This knowledge is offered to companies either in its integrated (OEM) form with developed products or in any other business manner that will translate this information into income for the company or its customers.

Product Support - We Provide Support - Do You?

Many product companies ask themselves - am I maximizing the product support center's activity with my customers to the organization's business benefits? Ness has the right model for organizations that need answers on various issues revolving around the product support center. Starting with the combination of top-tier technological tools and the leading 24/7 support center management technology in over 10 languages, currently serving product companies in Israel and abroad; all aiming to quickly address the end-customer's needs and maximize income for the organization through the customer support center.

"Importing" and "Exporting" the ERP and CRM System

In the global world, as international hi-tech companies found Israeli branches and Israeli companies buy foreign companies, Ness can offer the most extensive experience ERP and CRM systems localization. With a rich experience in dozens of roll out and roll in projects, Ness provides counseling services that include characterizing the gaps compared with the global/local solution, supplementation and quick implementation at the system assimilation stage, adjusting the financial systems to local regulation, etc.

NessPRO - Distributing and Marketing Software and Products

As a leading supplier of software products, Ness provides the most effective, comprehensive insurance for product marketing and distribution through its subsidiary, NessPro. Ness Pro serves as the exclusive representative in Israel for over 30 international software product development companies, and it manufactures a professional, tried and true go-to-market platform for the Israeli organizational market. The group specializes in sales, integration, training, service and maintenance for these software products, and it employs leading salespeople and professionals. A combination of strategic partnerships with leading software companies makes NessPRO a key experienced supplier in the field of software distribution in Israel, and a bridge to international software companies.

Correctly Training Your Customers

Today, Ness also offers the most effective solutions for hi-tech bodies in the training field. Starting with professional specialty in documentation and training development for product Companies to developing training kits based on a practicable and operational concept of "real life" situations for your customers. Our goal is to develop independent learning kits for the products and programs for end users for you. All learning kits are in the "cloud" learning environment in the SaaS format, built on advanced learning management systems, and they enable regular upgrading according to the product's or the end user's needs.

Going On the Cloud Correctly in 4 Stages

We understand that the transition to the cloud environment is an inevitable and even necessary business decision in hi-tech bodies, in order to benefit from competitive solutions in the quickest, most flexible and effective manner. The next question is when and how to do it. Ness's cloud service offers a four-stage process that gives companies and organization a complete solution for transitioning to the cloud in addition to offering real value to employees, business processes, and of course - the technology.


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