Decades of experience in the financial sector allows Ness to generate business value for its customers through core solutions, ERP applications, developing internet systems, and innovative designated solutions for insurance, banking, and the capital market.

Among the customers Ness's experts serve in the financial world, one may find all leading banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, and leading companies in the capital market.

The main solutions Ness provides in the financial sector

• Core solutions from SAP, both for the insurance branch and the banking branch

• ERP solutions from SAP for implementation in financial companies, including best practices for insurance companies and banks

• A variety of solutions for the Office of the CFO.

• Specialty in big data & analytics, unique experience establishing bank data warehouses, integrating unique tools from Ness-Gilon

• The long-term savings branch: products and solutions that address the subject of managing new and old pensions, managing pension funds and study funds.

• Systems for the pension, life, and health insurance sales world, including innovative simulators in all channels

• Complementary products for the pension clearance service

• Risk management: experts and solutions that address insurance and banks

• Innovative products in the area of organizational content management, ATMs, and big data

• Specialty in training and assimilations in the finances sector

• Significant experience in tests in the finances sector, emphasizing core applications and administered services

Ness's Activity in the Financial Services Sector

Customers in the finances sector's demands focus on three issues: innovation, providing business value, and operational optimization.

The services specified below were created to provide maximal business value and to address the customer's needs, while combining advanced, innovative solutions provided by Ness's experts.

Finances-Sector Wide Solutions

• E-commerce websites

• Customer relations management

• Financial dashboards

• ERP applications from SAP - including realization of best practices

• Outsourcing various issues in IT and information technology operation departments

• Managing and operating administered business processes

• Custom application development

• Organizational content management solutions (Documentum)

• A business rules management system - (Blaze Advisor) BRMS

• Establishing, managing and operating inter- organizational and extra- organizational support and service centers

• Performing tests on core processes and systems

• Fitting solutions to the tests world in accordance with regulatory bodies' instructions

• Data services: Big Data & Analytics, BI

• Cloud services

• Monetary liquidity management

• Customer-focused management - SYNERGY (O2O Marketing)

• Customer-focused service, sale, and preservation process (SYNERGY)

Unique Services for Insurance Companies

• Insurance core systems- claims, policies, re-insurers, payments, collection, etc.

• Life insurance, health insurance and pension policy (the EZ Life and Gaya systems)

• Pension fund, study fund and other pension products management systems

• Compliance with regulations systems (including risk management Solvency)

• Defining requirements and accompanying website establishment for: marketing, agents, personal zones, etc. (SYNERGY)

Unique Services for the Banking Industry

• SAP systems for the core banking business - loans, deposits, checking accounts, savings, etc...

• Adjustments to regulation (including Basel II, III and market and credit risk management)

• Systems for transaction rooms

• Mortgage analysis

• Payment services

• Websites for banks

• Business banking solutions

• Analysis - automated reports, information on demand and advanced analyses for focused activity with customers (SYNERGY)

• Operation ("command room") - a methodological process for turning a winning business idea into effective activity with the customer (SYNERGY)


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