Ness Technologies specializes in fulfilling the defense and security systems’ unique needs. Our specialty in developing end-solutions makes us a one stop shop for products, systems, and professional services.

​In recent decades, there's has been considerable growth in the industry of public security and general defense. Ever since 9-11, most countries today face public security, emergency preparedness, law enforcement, and counterterrorism issues. The new threats against public security reduced demand for traditional means of combat such as tanks, but on the other hand they increased the need for advanced defense tools, based on innovative technologies and military intelligence means, such as control and command systems. As a result, more and more resources are now put toward developing new technologies, military intelligence capabilities and operational abilities, aiming to establish more efficient defense infrastructures. As opposed to the public security industry that contains many various security issues, the general defense industry focuses on three main product branches: strategic, operative and tactical.

Ness Technologies' Solutions for the Defense Industries and Sectors

Ness Technologies specializes in fulfilling the defense and security sectors' unique needs. Our specialty in developing end-solutions makes us a one stop shop for products, systems, and professional services. These tools are intended for military, paramilitary and media purposes. We provide a variety of proven solutions in the area of control and command, relying on our intelligence capabilities. Defense sectors around the world use these solutions, including Israel's renowned defense sectors. The solutions include basic general components and customized solutions, and they deal with the diverse defense missions on field. Our clients include ministries of defense, internal defense organizations, public and private emergency services, defense industries and large internet service providers.


Ness provides sophisticated, innovative control and command systems and solutions to manage crises, from the strategic aspect to the operative, tactical stages. Ness's systems are used by military forces, security services, and internal defense organizations across the globe.

Control, Command and Crises Management Solutions:

Ness offers innovative, sophisticated control and command systems and crises management systems in all command levels, from the strategic level to the operative, tactical level. Our control and command solutions enable effective management of events in the military and civilian settings and they provide an up-to-date, clear view of the state of affairs, to enable and support decision making among commanders in all ranks. Our systems are used by the military, defense forces and organizations for public safety in Israel and across the globe.

Information Management, Intelligence and Tracking Solutions:

Ness's intelligence solutions are used by intelligence agencies and defense forces, and they meet the demand for accurate well-timed intelligence, based on many sensors and sources. Our unique technologies address the intelligence's full life cycle, from data gathering to sensor fusion, analysis, distribution, target management, etc. The smart, unique sensor fusion of various pieces of knowledge, along with our specialty in information restoration, provide integrative object management, linked data management, and geographical information-based systems management.

IT and Communications Management Solutions:

Ness provides custom systems and tools for IT and communications management systems' requirements in defense and military facilities. We have at our disposal a collection of tools and solutions intended to address each client's specific demands, while leveraging our extensive knowledge of IT and comnunications, our operative expertise and applications in military and civilian systems with uncompromising demands and performance.

Solutions and Services in Cyber-Defense:

Ness offers  a variety of advanced services and security solutions to the government and private sectors. Our cyber solutions support establishment of a safe, secured, reliable working environment, and they include security engineering, digital questioning, mobile device protection, training, etc.

Ness's cyber defense center (CSC) addresses financial and government bodies 24/7 by the best experts in the field.

Defense and Homeland Security Solutions (HLS):

Ness's defense and homeland security solutions improve security and safety while minimizing threats. We make top-tier technologies available to our clients. From emergency management and CBRN systems to rescue organizations systems. Our offers are extensive but our goal is clear - protecting the country's security and internal defense.

Moreover, Ness has a variety of solutions for the municipal area, that enable better communication between municipalities and residents ("smart city") and advanced defense systems that contribute to the residents' safety and enable better protection of the city's facilities ("safe city").

Assisting Tools

We provide a variety of dynamic field-tested customizable tools in the following areas:

• Facility management for organizations and companies

• Taping and questioning systems

• Trainers and simulators

• Mapping engines (GIS)

Operative Expertise

With decades of experience with operational and strategic projects, our work teams understand our clients' needs and they can translate them into relevant operative demands in the various areas of practice:

• Air and sea defense

• Combat management

• Mission management

• Crisis management

• Intelligence

• Target acquisition

• Combat simulation

Ness has other additional specialties she provides to all defense bodies and systems in Israel on demand:

• Knowledgeable experts in the world of defense (human resources, logistics, budget management, etc.)

• UX/UI professionals - to characterize and design defense and operational systems

• RT engineers and developers

• Specialty in SAP systems for the military-defense sector

• Advisors and experts with top secret and commonwealth clearance

• Tests and quality assurance for operative real-time systems

• Advanced BI systems development for the intelligence world and to manage emergencies

• Developing warfare / distribution / maintenance and military-defense process management systems

• Developing human resources/training monitoring management systems and more


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