What is MVP

& why is it Necessary ?

Minimum (...or Minimal) Viable Product

has a bare-bones design. It’s then tested on the market to see if it has the potential to succeed.

it just feels like the Real Thing

To perform this initial testing, the product only needs the most essential functionality. Anything beyond major functionality is not included. The MVP version is a tool to help determine the product’s potential. The MVP method can be used to develop any product, including mobile apps and websites.

Why is MVP important

An MVP helps you get early data that confirms users’ interest in your product. Positive results at the MVP phase give the green light to develop the full version.

By creating & testing a minimum viable product, you can:

  1. Save time and resources by making sure you’re investing in a project that’s likely to be successful.
  2. Save time and resources by making sure you’re
  3. Find out which trends you can take advantage of when developing the full version of the product.
  4. Acquire a potential user base and find early adopters.
  5. Save time and money on developing the final product.
  6. Attract investors earlier.

Make a concept of The problem you are trying to solve...


Start with a “minial viable product” like a cheap version of your product...


Start testing it with real users. Listen to feedback. iterate...

How does an MVP work

Developing a final product (Mobile apps and websites) takes an average of 6 to 8 months with a budget of $200,000. As a result, you get a final product that you put on the market. Then you wait for users’ reactions — they’ll either like it or they won’t. If your product doesn’t appeal to users, the time and money spent on developing it is wasted. The MVP method allows you to speed up the product’s launch because only essential features are required before you can begin getting real feedback on the concept.

Need help developing an MVP for your idea

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