IoT - IQP Code- Free APP Builder

​IQP Code-Free APP Builder

IQP APP Builder seamlessly integrates with your IoT cloud platform to provide a complete IoT-ready solution

Robust code-free development tool for creating cross-platform IoT/M2M and enterprise applications.
Easy to learn and use –no programming  experience required.
Anyone can quickly build code-free applications with IQP's web-based visual programming interface and ready –to-use design templates.

IQP offers a complete IoT development solution, from connectivity with sensors and control
devices to app customization and design templates. Add-on services are optional.

• Fully compatible with loT cloud platforms and is simple to integrate and install

• No IT skills needed - programming is optional to add advanced features

• Build simple or complex applications in hours or days, not months

• Easy to customize, modify or update apps on demand

• IQP Apps run as web applications on any Mobile Phones, Tablets or PCs


Make your loT cloud platform a complete streamlined solution that's easy to use and manage.
IQP APP Builder is your partner for creating a profitable loT eco-system!
• Shorten Sales cycles by delivering applications in less time, demonstrating increased ROI to your customers
• Your customers can quickly develop combined IoT & Business Apps to reduce costs and add value to
• connected devices with targeted custom applications

Integrated solution highlights
• Enterprise Apps & IoT Apps
• Events triggered by sensor & human interaction
• Dynamic DB enables easy development of enterprise Apps
• Responsive UI - Optimizes view for Mobiles, Tablets and Pcs
• Client Apps can provide Big Data on PC and reduce data on Mobile
• Data access security based on roles & organizations interface


IQP Platform Specifications

The IQP platform transforms data from M2M, sensors and devices into apps for a wide variety of markets,
from connected cars, telcos, smart TVs, digital hospital, HEMS/BEMS to enterprise apps and smart cities.
Manufacturers can use IQP to create their own app stores where partners, 3rd parties and even users can
sell premium apps, creating a new revenue stream.
Examples of IQP customer applications:
• Fleet and Asset Management
• Vehicle and Transportation Tracking
• Factory Automation Control
• Greenhouse Environmental Monitoring and Control
• Smart House and Smart Office Remote Control
• Power Plant Sensor Monitoring
• Telematics Applications
• Business Processing and Analysis of Big Data
• MAPS Applications
• Field Service Management

IQP New Features

Live streaming widget
• Streaming video from remote source (camera, mobile and video file saved on server)
• Recording video (triggered by user logic or application settings)
• Reacting to IQP events

Soon to be released:
- Image recognition
- License plate recognition
- Crowd detection

Additional use cases:
- Making a video chat from one End App to another End App
- Sending/receiving data from/to one End App to another End App

Indoor mapping
• User uploads image of map (production line, store other facility)
• On uploaded map, User defines positions where sensors are placed
• User can drag a special widget that is connected to IQP query (query is connected to the actual sensor, data, image,... that is being visualized)
• In run time mode it is possible to visualize exact state of sensors defined previously and receive real-time event notifications in case of changes

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