IQP Code Free end to end Solution


IQP offers an end-to-end development solution, from connectivity with sensors and control devices to app customization and design templates.
With the right solution, the potential for easy and profitable app development is almost limitless! Some examples of IQP customer applications:

Fleet and Asset Management
• Vehicle and Transportation Tracking
• Factory Automation Control
• Greenhouse Environmental Monitoring and Control
• Smart House and Smart Office Remote Control
• Power Plant Sensor Monitoring
• Telematics Applications
• Business Processing and Analysis of Big Data
• MAPS Applications
• Field Service Management
• Office and Secure Facility Access Monitoring
• Data collection - multi-protocol cloud gateway
• Enterprise Apps & loT Apps
• Events triggered by sensor & human interaction
• Dynamic DB enables easy development of enterprise Apps

Solution innovative Features

• Responsive UI - Optimizes view for Mobiles, Tablets and PCs
• Client Apps can provide Big Data on PC and reduce data on Mobile
• Data restrictions based on role & organization

IQP new features

Live streaming widget

- Streaming video from remote source (camera, mobile and video file saved on server)
- Recording video (triggered by user logic or application settings)
- Reacting to IQP events

Soon to be released

- mage recognition
- License plate recognition
- A crowd detection

Additional use cases:

- Making a video chat from one End App to another End App
- Sending/receiving data from/to one End App to another End App

Indoor mapping

• User uploads image of map (production line, store other facility)
• On uploaded map, User defines positions where sensors are placed
• User can drag a special widget that is connected to IQP query (query is connected to the actual sensor, data,image,... that is being visualized)
• In run time mode it is possible to visualize exact state of sensors defined previously and receive real-time event notifications in case of changes.

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