BalaBit, best known for its syslog-ng open source log management solution with more than one million users, is a leading developer of advanced monitoring and log management solutions that help protect organizations against internal and external threats.

Balabit’s products improve IT Security through Contextual Security Intelligence™, a new concept that relies on real-time visibility of user behavior, rather than access controls and pre-defined pattern recognition, to identify and respond to attackers before they can do damage.

What are the elements of Contextual Security Intelligence?
1. High performance, high-reliability Log Management that provides the data critical to gaining insights.
2. Privileged Activity Monitoring that controls privileged access to remote IT systems, records user activity and prevents malicious actions.
3. User Behavior Analytics that use big data security analytics to identify unusual or suspicious events.

User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) Blindspotter™ is a monitoring solution that maps and profiles user behavior to reveal human risk. It helps companies focus their security resources and replace some controls, yielding greater business efficiency. It tracks and visualizes user activity in real-time for a better understanding what is really happening on the network. It integrates a variety of contextual information in additions to logs, processes them using various machine learning algorithms and offers a wide range of outputs from warnings to automatic interventions.

Privileged Activity Monitoring (PAM) Shell Control Box™ is an activity monitoring appliance that controls privileged access to remote IT systems, records activity in searchable, movie-like audit trails, and prevents malicious actions. SCB is a quickly deployable enterprise tool with the widest protocol coverage on the market. It is completely independent from clients and servers - integrating seamlessly into existing infrastructures.

Log Management (LOG) syslog-ng™ delivers the log data critical to understanding what is happening in your IT environment. It collects log data from a wide variety of sources, transforms logs in real-time, and securely and reliably centralizes log data. Advanced filtering capabilities mean that you can focus on what’s important and zero message loss transfer ensures you can be confident in your analysis.